Sunday, May 31, 2009

royal flush

hey hey!!

the white sox topped off a rewarding roadtrip by sweeping, yes-SWEEPING, the kansas city royals. the first game was on friday, and we ass-raped the royals 11-7. unfortunately, this game was on cable, and therefore i did not catch it.

the next game was yesterday. for this game, it was mark buehrle who got the call to start. also for this game, MLB had the teams bring out the throwback uniforms. let me just say that the old royals uniforms (then called "monarchs") looked pretty freakin' gay. i mean, it was like something right out of "the natural" or "field of dreams". the royals' hats looked like someone had put a bowl on your head and glued a dark, straight bill to it. at least the sox had dark uniforms with white pinstripes. dark colors will always be fashionable.

but enough about the crappy uniforms and onto a more serious matter, such as BASEBALL!!! the sox had a good game. they were leading 3-1 at 1 point, but then buehrle gave up a 2-run home run to tie the game at 3. luckly, jim thome hit an RBI double in the 9th that put us up 5-3. bobby jenks and that dustmop beard of his came out and got the save for us. take note, however, that i did not watch the game in its entirity. my mom made me go walking with her (something about me needing "exercise"), so i missed most of the game, but i caught the end!

today's game i was sure to catch in its entirity. it was a monster pitching matchup: john danks the miracle man vs. the lone royals ace, zack "grienkydinks" greinke. however, the pitching on both sides was less than spectacular on both sides. grienkydinks gave up 1 run in the 1st, and blew a 4-1 lead. miracle man, on the other hand, couldn't find the strike zone and had to rely on the offense to make up for his lack of control. the score would have been much higher, but our defense did a good job of getting the ball to where it needed to be FAST. alexei ramirez, who earlier in the game lost a ball in the sun and further extended a bad inning, made up for his error by catching everything that went his way. paulie also was looking young as he scooped a ball up outta the dirt to catch a royals runner by a hair. after miracle man was relieved of duty, pidgeon-toed octavio d'oh-tel took over for the next 2 innings, setting the tone for matt thornton and scott linebrink. grienkydinks continued to pitch until the 7th, even though he'd gone over the 100 pitches mark. i remarked to my dad that because grienke was the ace, the royals were gonna keep him in there until his arm fell off. we finally took the lead in the 9th after royals reliever juan cruz failed to keep our guys' bats in check. BA, who came in on a pinch-run, made the most awesome slide home. he just dove into home plate, missing the catchers glove, and might have gone head-over-heels if he kept sliding long enough. we sweep the royals with a final score of 7-4. grienke did not get his win; mission accomplished.

tomorrow, that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon gets the start against the A's. fatso's last game was pretty impressive, and while the A's have my former fan-flame nomar garciaparra (i loved him in boston) on the team, this should be an easy series. nomar's too old to do any serious damage, and as far as i can tell, the A's are nothing to write home about. plus, its the start of a 12-game homestand for us. can you smell another sweep? or is all those burgers that fatso's swiping from the buffet table?

whatever, tubby. just get us our damn win tomorrow!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009


well, we all hope. but the last i checked, the angels were winning 3-1 in the 7th.

as of last night, we have guaranteed our winning of this series!! fat bartolo pitched spectacularly and jayson nix came up with 2 solo home runs. the score would have been alot more cuz we had the bases loaded twice, but failed to hit the grand slam.

for most of the game, it was a pitchers duel between fatso and joe saunders, the angels starter. then in the 4th inning, we got on the board with an RBI and jayson nix's 1st solo to put us up 2-0. but in the 6th, the angels got a solo run of their own off the bat of torii hunter. finally, after 6 and 2/3 innings, fatso was pulled and matt thornton came in to finish the job. we scored 2 more runs-one of which was another home run by jayson nix, and the angels got another run in of their own before scott linebrink came in to get the save for us. our normal closer, bobby jenks, is out with the flu.

there were tons of spectacular defensive plays on both teams. alexei showed us once again what an amazingly athletic man he is, and old man paulie konerko managed to get a ball outta the dirt just in time to catch a speedy angels hitter. as for the angels, mike napoli made some pretty good blocks behind the plate. the final score was a more reasonable 4-2 in favor of the white sox.

today, gavin floyd and his BHB got the call to start. he did ok till the 7th, when he gave up 2 runs. i just checked the final score and its angels 3, sox 1. jered weaver was the angels winning pitcher.

update on carlos~its plantar faciitis that crippled him on monday, not a hamstring as i first reported. this is painful, so if he wants to play, he better get those cortisone shots ready.

and in other news, the chicago slubs (what i call the cubs now) ace carlos zambrano got suspended after bumping the ump and went ballistic in the dugout. what happened was that zambrano threw a wild pitch that went off of catcher geo soto's glove. soto recovered just in time to throw the ball to zambrano at home plate to catch nyjer morgan and keep him from scoring, but the ref ruled him safe. zambrano, notorious for his hot temper, got into an arguement with the ref and bumped him (it was more like a brush-up then a full-out bump). after getting tossed, zambrano went into the dugout and trashed the gatorade dispenser (which earlier in the week, fellow slub pitcher ryan "the canadian" dempster also trashed after a bad outing. i wonder whose idea it was to put that damn thing in the dugout in the 1st place cuz its obviously becoming a magnet for angry pitchers!) with a bat. he was finally stopped by lou pinella who pulled the bat out of ballistic zambrano's hands.

thats all for tonite! tomorrow its off to KC to play the royals!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pound for pound

hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work i go...well, until i can actually find a real job, i'll consider this my source of employment. well, journalism is technically a career, regardless of what you write about. any shmo who is literate and has access to a computer or any other means of distributing their work can be a journalist, and never once set foot in journalism school.

oh boy did we give the angels a POUNDING last night! my boy hit a double that brought in 2 runs in the first, we scored another run after that, and when i looked at the score yesterday, we were up 13-3 in the 5th. miracle man got the start and pitched a great game. i forget who the angels starter was (i think it was john lackey), but he got shelled. sucked to be him last night. the final score was 17-3. BOO-YAH!!! :D

but despite our lopsided victory, there came some bad news. yup, it involves none other than my boy, carlos jose quentin. oh boy, what now? might you ask. well, its his hamstring. after hitting that 2-run RBI, he pulled his hammie running into 2nd base and had to be helped off the field. this latest injury is compounded on top of plantar fascitis (sp?) in his left foot (basically, the tendon in your heel is damaged or strained. it makes walking painful. my mom had it and it took her 6 mos. to heal). i swear! my carlos has become a crystal chandelier!! poke him, he blows out his shoulder; pat him on the back, and he falls to pieces like that liquid nitrogen drenched quicksilver terminator in "terminator 2: judgement day". i say, when he's not playing, wrap him up in bubble wrap and store him in the closet till he gets better. theres no telling when my boy will be back, so therefore i wish him to get well soon.

tonite, that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon gets the call to start. fatso is 2-4 as of now, and i have no idea what his ERA is (probably over 5 by now). BA will be playing in carlos' spot and the game is at 9 tonight on WCIU. it sucks playing on the west coast cuz the time difference means that games start later and end later for us in the midwest. i dont think i'll be able to watch the whole game, but i'll hold out for as long as i can before my mom has to drag me kicking and screaming to bed. hopefully tonite, we'll win. dont care how we do it, but we have to win.


*editors note*-ladies and germs (well, germs mostly), once again, ive made a mistake. in our whuppin of the angels, i incorrectly listed the starting pitcher's name for the angels as john lackey. last night's starting pitcher was in fact ervin santana. tonight's starting pitcher is joe saunders. also fatolo's ERA is 4.23, not nearly as high as i first thought. my most sincere apologies for this mistake.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

rollin' rollin' rollin'

hallo! hope your memorial day weekend is/was awesome!

we've won our second series! unfortunately, a sweep against the pirates was not in the cards for us. our lone ace mark buehrle was out on the mound for us, and while the game was on comcast (i dont have cable, remember!), by all accounts, buerhle pitched a great game. unfortunately, bobby jenks and his dustmop beard blew the lead and gave up a 2-run hr to give the pirates the win. final score was 4-3.

tomorrow, we head out to LA to play the angels. i dont think they're as intimidating as last yr., but vlad guerrero is always a force to be reckoned with.

in other news, BA hit a home run, alexei is on his way back, and my boy is still having problems at the plate. real mixed bag, eh?

speaking of "eh", here in my home city of chicago, the city's gone crazy cuz the local hockey team, the blackhawks, are close to going to the stanley cup. now i know this has nothing to do with the white sox, but since the sox game wasnt on, i got my sunday sports fill watching the blackhawks get pummled by the red wings 2-0. i dont particularly care much for hockey (i love to play it-well, floor hockey cuz i cant skate, but watching it is kinda boring), but it was better then watching those pathetic losers on the north side known as the cubs! plus, my uncle came to take me, my brother, and my dad to see "terminator salvation", so i was out all day (i think the 1st terminator was the best 1. nobody beats ah-nuld as the cold killing machine)


Friday, May 22, 2009

roller coaster


WE WON OUR FIRST SERIES IN A LONG TIME!!! tuesday, mark buehrle got us our win, and wednesday, john danks the miracle man got us the second win. that game was a thriller. though we didnt wake up till the 4th, we piled on 7 runs, 4 of which came from a grand slam off the bat of jd. miracle man held up pretty strong till the 6th inning when he ran outta gas and the great octavius d'oh-tel came on to get the job done. after 2 more pitchers (scott linebrink and matt thornton), the great bobby jenks came on to get the save-and didnt throw at anybody, unfortunately. we won big, 7-4.

yesterday, that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon got the call. he performed...miserably. he gave up 1 earned run but was pulled out in the 2nd after getting shelled by the twins (i didnt watch the game cuz i was out all day). our lone run came in on an rbi double that brought in BA. the final was a miserable ass-raping 20-1 in favor of the twins. im thinking fatso should probably be restricted to bullpen duty cuz by all accounts, he made the royals kyle farnsworth look like an ace, and that guy has real issues between his ears (there was a popular joke about farnsy when he was with the cubs that he could throw 90 mph, but every time he wound up to throw, his brain would get scrambled from the heat of his throw-hence explaining why he sucked)! anyway, gavin floyd and his BHB are scheduled to pitch tonite against the pirates. since everyone knows the pirates suck, this should be a sweep.

burtie, gm-carson, i know you two blog about the pirates on 'we should be gms'-make sure you cover this series thorouoghly, and leave no blade of grass unturned (not exactly the word i was looking for, but it works).

no word yet on my boy carlos! hope his heel's feeling better.

btw, i should probably add my 2 cents about the whole peavy debaucle. by now, the entire sports blogosphere has digested that jake peavy said no to the white sox trade cuz he didnt wanna uproot his family. thats fine, i understand, but what has me raising my eyebrows about this trade was once peavy got here, would he be as good in chicago as he was in san diego? but i guess thats a risk you take with all trades. however, despite our bullpen troubles, i think it was best for everyone if peavy stayed where he was. the time to get him was in the offseason, but kenny wasnt quick enough.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hi everyone!

im back after a slight absence-mainly due to traveling. if possible, i would have been blogging on the plane, but i get my internet from a wireless piece, and you cant have that stuff active on the plane, so i just was stuck doing crossword puzzles from the AZ republic (also known as "the desert pravda") that my mom bought, and wordsearches the whole uncomfortable flight. tuesday i flew back to chicago and today i've been dragged everywhere with my mom in search of employment (none of which have produced any results, at least as of yet).

but happily, now that i've gotten used to a different timezone once again, i can keep closer tabs on the white sox! tonite at 7 on WCIU (a local chicago tv station), we're playing the twins!

you dont need to read my last posts to know that we've been bad. toronto swept us out into the street, and ozzie is about ready to kill someone. lucky for us, we came back to the cell, and beat the twins in the home opener. you also dont need me to tell you that tonite's game is absolutely essentially a must-win. although technically all games are must wins, this 1 is particularly important. if we are to salvage this trainwreck of a 1st-half, WE HAVE TO START WINNING!!!! ozzie's behavior, the coaches best efforts (even they've been lousy), and even fellow bloggers like steve rosenbloom (and myself) cannot emphasize enough the importance of winning. if ozzie trashing kenny's office (hasnt happened, just saying-although i wouldnt rule out the possibility of this occurring in the future, given our manager's volitile temper) is what jump-starts the team into a winning streak, so be it (even if kenny and the rest of the white sox front office will have to start conducting operations from a bunker and the team is gonna have to put up with a pretty hefty remodeling bill). or, to take the less destructive route, how about trading some players (i hear pedro martinez is looking for a job), firing some coaches (greg walker-your time has come), and bringing up some of the youngsters from the minors, like beckham? that would certainly make better sense than just destroying every office in the cell.

enough rambling. looks like the jetlag still hasnt worn off yet.

in short, fire the coaches, and lets start over again. in the meantime, we just snapped a 5-game losing streak; lets turn it into a winning streak.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

you make me sick!


sorry im late in posting, but it took me 2 days to move outta college, i was sick 1 day, and my mom and grandma have been dragging me everywhere with them, so the precious time i can spend in front of my computer is decidedly more rare. also, no further word on employment, so perhaps there is some hope of closely following the sox this summer. maybe i can get paid for doing this, only id have to find a sponsor...

oh boy, where to start. the sox are bad. REALLY bad!! jd got suspended for hitting the ref with his helmet (it wasnt on purpose!!), my boy is hurt with a sore heel and out for another few days, maybe a week (no surprise there, crystal chandelier), the fat tub-o-lard got pulled for a stomach ailment yesterday (here's a tip: STOP EATING!!! if you watch what you eat, you wont be sick), and we're on the verge of getting swept-in canada of all places. the bottom has just fallen out and there doesnt appear to be any end in sight. the last score i checked said that the sox were down by 2 in the top of the 5th.

this whole week has been stressful on my health. finals and waiting for the grades are 1 thing, moving out has been hard on me cuz of all the crap i had to pack up and whoever designed my building was a complete idiot cuz he didnt include an elevator-and wherever there's ladies, there should be an elevator cuz you cant always find a reliable strong guy to help carry heavy things for you, so i had to carry my shit down 3 flights of stairs to my uncle's truck. and to top things off, my boys in black-and-white have been driving me insane with their ineptitude and inability to score!!! YAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

but on a happy note, finals are over and i have the summer to detox and regain my health. also, BA is almost ready to play-he'll be back on tuesday. hope he plays well so after the game, he and my boy can go honey-hoppin' at the bars on rush street :D.

id like to sign off with an amusing tidbit by our rambunctious manager ozzie. a few days ago, i think it was friday, i came across an amusing quote by our crazy ozzie. i dont remember exactly how the quote went, but ozzie was saying that he'd switch the saturday lineup to include harold baines, joey cora, and any other coach he could find in place of the players "so that maybe now we can score some [bleeping] runs". now, most of the coaches, like harold, were playing before i was born, but harold doesnt look to be THAT old or outta baseball THAT long, so maybe he's still got some stuff left in the tank. of course ozzie was joking, but for a yung'un like me who until a few years ago didnt even know who harold baines was, it would have been a fascinating experiment.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

im back!

hi everyone! specifically to gm-carson and burton, my 2 associates at more hardball, since they're the only two people who actually bother to visit my blog regularly.

i just finished my finals and in the midst of packing up to leave this dingy dormroom for the summer, i thought id take a moment to post my regular rambling opinion-heavy analysis of the white sox.

i checked up on the score yesterday when gavin floyd and his BHB got to face carl "american idle" pavano. we got womped 9-4. as per custom, i was cruising the boards at south side sox for any notable analysis, and 1 user (i believe it was 'the cheat') colloquially referanced an older article about gavin floyd in which the writer, phil rogers of the chicago tribune's sports dept., wrote that gavin floyd had managed to go 12 games without "looking like a doody". fast forward to this year, and gavin floyd has managed to look like a doody in 5 of his last 7 starts.

today, clayton richard got the call to start. after enough pressure (though i wouldnt be surprised if a few threats probably worked their way in there amongst the angry emails and letters-NONE OF WHICH I SENT!!) ozzie and kenny finally demoted jose contreras. only instead of dumping him in the minors, the sox desginated him for bullpen duty. clayton richard is contreras' replacement. he had a good day, but in the 5th, he started to lose it, so dj "tabasco" carrasco-1 of our more effective setup men-came out and got the win for the sox. the great bobby jenks, who was fined a mind boggling $750 for throwing at ian kinsler's ass, came out to get the save (note to bobby-you might wanna shut up about throwing at batters. vito corleone put it best when he told sonny "never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking").

as for any other notable highlights, jim thome hit 2 2-run home runs, and our offense finally woke up with corky miller (or "q!orky" as the SSS'ers refer to him-q! was derived from none other than my boy carlos) hitting some singles. gaahhh, i hope 'corky' isnt corky's real name. i mean, of all the names to name your kid, why that. anyway, back to the subject at hand-must remember to write coherantly!-im almost afraid to wish that this win's momentum should carry us to victory tomorrow cuz whenever i say that, we get blown out badly. so, i'll say instead "good luck boys!!"

in other news, perhaps the biggest crush is that my boy is out with a sore heel. he won't be back till friday. one of the commenters on southside sox remarked that he saw my boy with a half-smile on his face and assumed that he was on some heavy-duty painkillers. to that, another poster replied that he'd been laid. DAMMIT! shouldn'ta wrote that! bad images forming in my head. YAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

thats all for tonite folks!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

pain in the ass

before i write my daily white sox post-game analysis, id like to give a big hearty HOORAAAYYYY!!! for my fellow sports-blogger associates gm-carson and burton over at more hardball. they've been gone for a week and just when i thought they'd abandoned more hardball, they came back and posted a new entry (they said it was technical problems). well its about damn time you guys came back! i was starting to think you'd forgotten about kicking baseball's top stories squarely in the nuts! (aside from whats going on with the phillies)

and now, to business.

SOX WIN!! SOX WIN!! the miracle man john danks got right back in form with a career high 10ks and 1 run on 4 hits.

my boy carlos had a pretty good day too. he drove in 1 run on an RBI-double, hit a second double, and scored twice-1st when jd hit a double that brought my boy home, and the second time was when paulie hit a sac-fly that sent my boy nearly plastering the rangers catcher jerrod 'salty' saltalamacchia at home plate (though my boy had to retouch home plate cuz the ref wasnt paying attention when he slid home the 1st time around). he also got hit by a pitch-yet again. i tell ya, either he should have a special uniform with a target painted on it or change his stance cuz there are better ways to take 1 for the team, most of which do not include being a masochist!!

aside from my boy, our game was shaky. we had the lead twice, and then we lost it. but the rangers were only able to tie the score, never get ahead.

but the highlight of the game was at the end when the great bobby jenks came on to get the save. after striking out the 1st 2 batters, bobby let his 1st pitch fly at ian kinsler's ass. he wasnt hit, but the ref came out to warn bobby, and hawk (our announcer) almost had a heart attack in the booth because he was so mad and yelling at the ref. as i was cruising the forums at southside sox for any other postgame analysis, i duely noted that someone wrote in regards to bobby's beaning that "they better get the diffribullators (sp?) ready in the broadcast booth!" because hawk was so pissed. but hawk wasnt alone; i and the rest of white sox nation were equally angry and thought that the ref was being harsh cuz pitchers are typically warned when they intentionally bean batters. even ozzie came out to argue (it was his 2nd time out to argue with the refs. the 1st arguement was about my boy's slide home), and since i saw this ref had a short fuse, i thought for sure ozzie was gonna get tossed. but thankfully everyone's temper was in control, and nobody got tossed.

tomorrow, that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon gets the call to start. the rangers starter is vicente padilla, and i hear he's pretty good. but today's win should give us the momentum to win this series-especially since we have a more mediocre pitcher on the mound then jose contreras!

ibis, get the air fresheners ready and stock up on laundry detergent. this could be a long one.


Friday, May 8, 2009


that sad number you see in the title is now officially jose contreras' record. he may as well have played his last start in the majors. if he's not demoted within the next week, kenny williams should expect to be swamped with angry emails and letters from fans who want contreras' sorry ass outta the bullpen. its time for this man to go.

ibis guillen can do a fresh load of laundry for ozzie tonight. the momentum from our big win last night had completely turned around. last night, we were doin the kicking. tonight, we were on the recieving end of the abuse.

tomorrow, game 3 will be broadcast on WGN at 5 my time. the miracle man john danks gets the call to start.

in other news, i had my economics final today. i think it went well. my next finals are thankfully my last ones, and they're on tuesday.

OH!! i almost forgot!! here's a correction from yesterday's post! yesterday, when diva manny got busted for hcg, i made a mistake in describing the drug's function. as im sure you all have heard by now, its a female fertility hormone, not a testosterone enhancer like i'd said previously. well, i guess it could be classified as a testosterone enhancer cuz its typically given to men to restore their natural testosterone production after they're done taking steroids. but in this light, for the sake of decency, i'll hold off on the cheesy jokes that manny will start growing boobs and get a period within the next month or so (although i wont be surprised if he has developed either up to this point-he certainly acts hormonal!!!), or the snide jokes about manny not being able to get it up in the sack. being the honest blogger-journalist that i am, if i make a mistake, i'll actually take the steps to correct it.


Thursday, May 7, 2009


hey hey!

last night's game was rained out. no surprise there-the sox are a magnet for rain delays and games getting called cuz of bad weather (i think we lead MLB in the number of games called due to bad weather).

but today, it appears that an extra day was all we needed to retool and get back in the swing of things. mark buehrle got the call to start tonight, and as im seeing on, its in the 9th and the sox are ahead 6-0. mark buehrle is set to pitch his 1st complete game of the season :).

actually, scratch that last line. this just cleared the wireless and that the great bobby jenks has come on the get the save.

steve rosenbloom, a chicago sports writer who writes satirical columns about chicago sports, wrote that since ozzie guillen came to chicago, when the team is in a slump (especially early in the season), we have become accustomed to raging expletive-filled tirades directed at players, coaches, the media, whatever unfortunate soul happens to get caught in ozzie's way. but this year, rosenbloom wrote that ozzie lobbed a verbal handgrenade into the locker room-the stage has been set, but the pin and handle havent been pulled off yet and thus no explosion. the guys at south side sox have been speculating that ozzie has gone soft-looks like mariotti finally had a muzzle put on our crazy manager (a chicago sportswriter who was infamously called a "fag" in a tirade by ozzie).

breaking news! sox win 6-0!! THE LOSING STREAK IS OVER!!!! let the winning streak begin :).

now for something not-white sox related. its been spread and digested allover the news and blogosphere that manny ramirez, LA's diva has been suspended for 50 games for popping positive on a drug test. the substance: hcg, a testosterone enhancer. of course, i wasnt surprised cuz im a natural cynic and figured manny was secretly juicing but found a way to beat the test. looking back on it, it could be a factor in explaining why the dodgers didnt sign manny to a long-term deal. manny claims that he got the stuff from a doctor for a "personal health issue", but as rythm on south side sox humorously commented:

I have a few guesses as to this "personal health issue"
1) he was prescribed medical marajuana
2) he was having problems in the sack, and the boner pills tested positive for something

given that hcg is a testosterone enhancer, the latter doesnt sound all that far off.

sox win, gotta get back to studying. economics final tomorrow, and my calc/bio final on tuesday. wish me luck!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

down 4


i didnt follow the end of the game cuz i had to go to bed. but, the sox lost, and now we're in a depressing 4th place. i hope ozzie isnt going tazmanian devil on the locker room, but the verbal tirades are still ok.

tonight we play the tigers at the cell. game is at 5 my time, but its not gonna be broadcast on WGN. WCIU, a local chicago tv station, will be carrying the game.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

extra innings

hi yo!

game's in extra innings-both teams tied up at 7 in the 10th. we fought the royals tooth-and-nail to get the lead, though we eventually gave it up >:[. aj had a good game-he hit a couple RBIs and my boy hit a buncha singles, 1 of which earned him an RBI, and he stole 2nd! i didnt think my boy was THAT quick!

jd's back! he hit a 2-run HR in the 2nd. as i said earlier, we had an early lead but gave it up. later on, its back to the cell to play the tigers.

good night! happy cinco de mayo carlos, dj, and any other sox players of mexican descent, as well as the general public! hope you guys didnt do too much drinking! though this has nothing to do with the white sox, since i go to school in AZ and there's alotta mexicans down here, my school hired a mariachi band to play on the lawn during the noontime lunch hour. i thought it was actually kinda amusing, seeing these guys in matching mariachi outfits wailing off-key songs in spanish. it reminded me of a scene in "the naked gun: the smell of fear" where frank, ed, nordberg, and dr. meinheimer are trying to sneak into a reception at a posh DC-area hotel, but get busted on stage cuz they dressed up as mariachi singers to sneak in undercover. when they get busted, the group starts singing off-key quasi-spanish songs.


Monday, May 4, 2009

3's a charm

3 days, 3 losses. will the losing ever end?! ibis guillen (that would be the wife of our crazy manager, ozzie) better have an entire closet full of clean clothes for ozzie by time he comes home from this painful roadtrip! (see here if you have no idea what im talking about)

our fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon got the call to start tonight. much like his last start, bartolo became fartolo-coughing up 3 runs over the course of 7 innings; 1 in the 2nd and 2 in the 3rd, the latter being earned. HOWEVER! tubby did get 7Ks before his time was up and the pitch count was too high. despite his 3 runs, fartolo kept the damage to a minimum. too bad i cant say the same for our other players.

unfortunately, the sox couldnt capitalize on anything. we hardly hit-podsie pan had, according to southside sox, 2/3 of the white sox hits for the whole game; we couldnt steal; and the final score was 3-0 in favor of the royals at kauffman stadium.

but thats not to say the game was completely bad! i saw on the white sox website that my boy carlos made a spectacular sliding catch to pop-out david dejesus. if only my boy was hitting homeruns, my fingers would be happily jumping over and landing on the keyboard of my laptop :D.

final game is tomorrow at 5 my time, but its on comcast chicago, so i cant see it. maybe we could finally break the slump and at least split the series! then its off to detroit to play the tigers for 2 games.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

dink dunk donk danks

another day, another loss.

john danks the miracle man again didnt have his stuff. in the 1st inning, he gave up a solo-homerun to speedy ian kinsler. the bleeding didnt stop there. the miracle man pooped out 3 more runs over the course of 6 innings. d'oh-tel temporarily stemmed the bleeding, but dj carrasco-an otherwise effective setup man-shat out 1 more run.

the sox had plenty of opportunities to score. many times there were runners in scoring position, and at 1 pt in the 3rd, the sox had the bases loaded with my boy carlos up at bat. after a long at-bat, my boy...struck out. yeah... my boy wasnt too happy about that.

the sox did manage to get 1 run. it came on some base hits, one of which brought alexei home. sorry-the skeletons in the pic below are supposed to be dancing the can-can. 'dancing alexei' courtesy of southside sox.

there was a plethora of pain down in arlington. during my boy's at-bat, the 1st baseman went over the edge of the seats chasing down a foul ball and landed flat on his ass. but before that, in the 1st inning, josh fields got hit on the hand, and when the trainers took his glove off, the impact was swollen and ready to bruise. fields did play for the rest of the game, but he won't be playing tomorrow against KC (and on that note, jd won't be playing either). then, in either the 3rd or 4th inning, the TX pitcher threw a pitch that the batter fouled off, but it flew into the safety net behind home plate and scared the fan so much that he threw his popcorn box into the air, spilling the kernals all over the seat (and the announcer colloquially remarked that the pitcher "scared the hell outta him"). the final painful moment was in the 6th when the TX 1st baseman (yeah, him again) had to stretch to get the ball on a bounce. by stretch, i mean STEEERRRREEETTCHHH!!!! into a split. looks like somebody's gonna be a little sore tomorrow >:].

tomorrow my boys go up to KC to play the royals. the game won't be televised down here, but that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon is due to start. good luck fatso!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

rain rain go away, part II

yes, even the most diligent of persons make mistakes from time to time ( and your mental signals know what im talking about!!).

turns out, i spoke too soon about the game being called over. the game resumed in the bottom of the 5th. in the 6th, jd got plunked on the arm and left the game. lilly-bridge took his place. the rangers loaded up the bases and my dad's twin aj pierzynski (i kid you not-a younger version of my dad would be almost identical to aj pierzynski) hits his 7th career grand slam.
sox 5, rangers 9. in the 6th we got another run in before another rain delay was called. this was a much shorter delay, but neither team scored anymore runs after the 7th.

final score-sox: 6, rangers: 9. not as bad but its still a loss. and as i bitched about earlier, ozzie and kenny should start filing the paperwork to send the newly-svelte jose contreras down to the minors.

all other info is the same.


rain rain go away

yep, yet another rain delay. the game's been delayed three times already! it seems that my boys in black-and-white are a magnet for bad weather!

as for the game itself, it was horrible! the sox took the lead in the 2nd on a sac-fly from alexei which brought that old gasbag paulie home-who knew grandpa could run so fast! after that, it all fell apart. the rangers scored 3 runs in the 3rd, and 6 runs in the 4th when the game got called again. the score at the last rain delay was 9-1 in favor of the rangers. i think after the 5th, the game was officially called. never mind-WGN's 9:00 news crew just said they're goin back out to arlington to finish the game. wait, they're still in rain delay and its indefininate. i guess thats my cue that its unofficially over.

ozzie, kenny this one's for you: GET CUNT-RERAS OUTTA HERE!!!! he has absolutely no control whatsoever (i saw 2 wild pitches during the actual game) and when given a lead, he cant keep it!! once BA and dewayne wise get better, send podsie-pan AND contreras down to charlotte. this turd is turning into a giant drain on the team! best way to treat the disease is to get to the cause or one of the causes.

jose, this one's for you.

next game is tomorrow on es-pun at 5 my time. hopefully there's better weather tomorrow.


Friday, May 1, 2009

the return of podsie-pan

scotty 'podsie-pan' podsednik can pretty much follow one of gen. douglas macarthur's most famous quotes: "people of chicago, i have returned".

yeah, thats right, podsie-pan, the once-speedy-catalyist-now-putzy-crunk who was on our '05 world series roster and has been bouncing around the majors (and most recently the minors), came back.

he had a good game, and the sox got their game-winning run off of him. though i dont get comcast here in AZ, i read on the white sox website that podsie-pan got balked, and then scored on chris getz' 1st career triple. sox win 4-3. originally, the sox were down 3-0 against the rangers up till the 7th when jolly jim thome hit a 3-run RBI to tie the game.

tomorrow's game is on WGN at 5:00 my time. hope we have a good game like today!