Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hi everyone!

im back after a slight absence-mainly due to traveling. if possible, i would have been blogging on the plane, but i get my internet from a wireless piece, and you cant have that stuff active on the plane, so i just was stuck doing crossword puzzles from the AZ republic (also known as "the desert pravda") that my mom bought, and wordsearches the whole uncomfortable flight. tuesday i flew back to chicago and today i've been dragged everywhere with my mom in search of employment (none of which have produced any results, at least as of yet).

but happily, now that i've gotten used to a different timezone once again, i can keep closer tabs on the white sox! tonite at 7 on WCIU (a local chicago tv station), we're playing the twins!

you dont need to read my last posts to know that we've been bad. toronto swept us out into the street, and ozzie is about ready to kill someone. lucky for us, we came back to the cell, and beat the twins in the home opener. you also dont need me to tell you that tonite's game is absolutely essentially a must-win. although technically all games are must wins, this 1 is particularly important. if we are to salvage this trainwreck of a 1st-half, WE HAVE TO START WINNING!!!! ozzie's behavior, the coaches best efforts (even they've been lousy), and even fellow bloggers like steve rosenbloom (and myself) cannot emphasize enough the importance of winning. if ozzie trashing kenny's office (hasnt happened, just saying-although i wouldnt rule out the possibility of this occurring in the future, given our manager's volitile temper) is what jump-starts the team into a winning streak, so be it (even if kenny and the rest of the white sox front office will have to start conducting operations from a bunker and the team is gonna have to put up with a pretty hefty remodeling bill). or, to take the less destructive route, how about trading some players (i hear pedro martinez is looking for a job), firing some coaches (greg walker-your time has come), and bringing up some of the youngsters from the minors, like beckham? that would certainly make better sense than just destroying every office in the cell.

enough rambling. looks like the jetlag still hasnt worn off yet.

in short, fire the coaches, and lets start over again. in the meantime, we just snapped a 5-game losing streak; lets turn it into a winning streak.


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