Tuesday, May 5, 2009

extra innings

hi yo!

game's in extra innings-both teams tied up at 7 in the 10th. we fought the royals tooth-and-nail to get the lead, though we eventually gave it up >:[. aj had a good game-he hit a couple RBIs and my boy hit a buncha singles, 1 of which earned him an RBI, and he stole 2nd! i didnt think my boy was THAT quick!

jd's back! he hit a 2-run HR in the 2nd. as i said earlier, we had an early lead but gave it up. later on, its back to the cell to play the tigers.

good night! happy cinco de mayo carlos, dj, and any other sox players of mexican descent, as well as the general public! hope you guys didnt do too much drinking! though this has nothing to do with the white sox, since i go to school in AZ and there's alotta mexicans down here, my school hired a mariachi band to play on the lawn during the noontime lunch hour. i thought it was actually kinda amusing, seeing these guys in matching mariachi outfits wailing off-key songs in spanish. it reminded me of a scene in "the naked gun: the smell of fear" where frank, ed, nordberg, and dr. meinheimer are trying to sneak into a reception at a posh DC-area hotel, but get busted on stage cuz they dressed up as mariachi singers to sneak in undercover. when they get busted, the group starts singing off-key quasi-spanish songs.


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