Sunday, May 24, 2009

rollin' rollin' rollin'

hallo! hope your memorial day weekend is/was awesome!

we've won our second series! unfortunately, a sweep against the pirates was not in the cards for us. our lone ace mark buehrle was out on the mound for us, and while the game was on comcast (i dont have cable, remember!), by all accounts, buerhle pitched a great game. unfortunately, bobby jenks and his dustmop beard blew the lead and gave up a 2-run hr to give the pirates the win. final score was 4-3.

tomorrow, we head out to LA to play the angels. i dont think they're as intimidating as last yr., but vlad guerrero is always a force to be reckoned with.

in other news, BA hit a home run, alexei is on his way back, and my boy is still having problems at the plate. real mixed bag, eh?

speaking of "eh", here in my home city of chicago, the city's gone crazy cuz the local hockey team, the blackhawks, are close to going to the stanley cup. now i know this has nothing to do with the white sox, but since the sox game wasnt on, i got my sunday sports fill watching the blackhawks get pummled by the red wings 2-0. i dont particularly care much for hockey (i love to play it-well, floor hockey cuz i cant skate, but watching it is kinda boring), but it was better then watching those pathetic losers on the north side known as the cubs! plus, my uncle came to take me, my brother, and my dad to see "terminator salvation", so i was out all day (i think the 1st terminator was the best 1. nobody beats ah-nuld as the cold killing machine)



  1. Yup. Go Blackhawks! My 'Canes are out, so I'm pulling for the hawks. I actually started watching hockey following the hawks back in high school (when you were a fetus), until I went to college where I became a Bruins fan. Even though, by that point, NC had the Hurricanes. Since my wife is from PA, I usually go to Hersey Bears games when I can. I am a rabid Bears fan. B-E-A-R-S! B-E-A-R-S! B-E-A-R-S! Bears! BEARS! BEARS! WOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHhhh!

    Oh yeah, this is a baseball blog ;)

  2. HAHA!!!! well, the hawks are out. better luck next year.

    like i said, i love playing hockey (my best position is playing goalie), but i dont care much to watch it.