Wednesday, April 29, 2009


SOX WIN!!! SOX WIN!!! we took the lead early on an aj pierzynski solo homerun, and almost lost it early after gavin floyd and his BHB gave up 3 runs in the 4th. however, we roared back to tie the game up in the 7th with some small-ball, meaning that speedy little alexei is getting back in the groove by hitting some singles and stealing some bases.

but in the 7th, we broke it wide open when my boy carlos hit his 8th homerun to break the 3-3 tie (you shoulda heard me screaming and cheering. i coulda broke some windows!), then right after that, jd comes up and hits a solo homerun himself!! we managed to get another run in the 8th before walking out with a 6-3 victory.

on a more somber note, BA left the game in the 8th with a sore oblique. general soreness jerry owens replaced him for the remainder of the game. looks like someone cant go honey-hoppin' tonight!

tomorrow my boys are going down to texas to play the rangers. hopefully my boy carlos won't be hoppin' on hamilton for this trip! tomorrow is also my dad's birthday, but there wont be a game for him to watch. i also wont be able to send him anything cuz i've got a monsterously busy day tomorrow with a math test, a bio presentation, and other shit.

the next televised game is saturday on WGN, and then sunday on ESPN.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


as i grimly predicted in my earlier post, the sox lost in game 2 by a final score 9-1. john danks the miracle man was outta juice, and the offense was nonexistant.

tomorrow's game is on WGN (at least thats what it says on the televised game printout that i have pinned on the bulletin board on my desk. i've highlighted all the days that WGN or ESPN carry a game). it'll be at 11:00 am my time, so i'll have to get up bright and early for this (actually, since its a weekday, i dont wake up later than 9:30. i may be a lazy bum, but i save my sleep-all-morning routine for the weekends). gavin floyd and his big hairy balls (or BHB) gets the start tomorrow. maybe we can win this series, since its obvious that we cant sweep!

1 down, 1 to go

good news! that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon got us a victory in game 1!

unfortunately, john danks the miracle man ran outta juice early cuz the sox are down 5-0 last time i looked.



rain delay, part II

as usual, the white sox got rained out again last night. i tell you, with all this rain, my home city will turn into an underwater city like atlantis within a few days! michigan and indiana are gonna get all the crap that manages to float across the lake and settle on their shores. my dad called me on sunday to tell me that with all the rain, the weather was perfect for "just ducks and submarines!"

today at 2 my time on WGN, it will be the 1st game of the doubleheader. chris jakubauskas will pitch game 1, but it will be against that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon. john danks the miracle man gets game 2.

in the meantime, lets enjoy this rain delay by watching dick allen juggle baseballs and smoke a cigarette at the same time (take THAT jim leyland!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

wild wild west

as usual, jose contreras did not get his win. HOWEVER, kenny and ozzie may want to hold off on demoting him for now. by all accounts, contreras pitched a good game, but scott linebrink, another no-name pitcher on our staff, lost it and made contreras' outing a no-decision.

tonite, the mariners pay a visit to the cell. this means that our old friend griffey is back in town!! i remember seeing griffey play last year. he wasnt bad, but he's clearly getting old. i guess returning to your old team is a nice way to end your career. the sports hernia had a really funny post about griffey's famous backwards hat. you can read it here. the mariners are in 1st place with a 12-7 record, and our miracle man john danks is set to take on their pitcher, chris jakubauskas (sp? thats a heluva name). expect a good game.

unfortunately, the game is broadcast on a local chicago tv station tonight, so i cant watch the game. however, wednesday's game is on WGN, so i can catch at least 1 game. im at the mercy of the cable company. if you're wondering why i dont get, its because its too expensive, and if the guys at south side sox are right, theres alotta kinks that still need to be worked out.

thats all for today!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ass-kicking alexei ramirez

hooray!!! we finally got ourselves a win!!!

after suffering a 15-min rain delay, the blue jays jumped on mark buerhle early and were up by 2 in the 2nd. however, my boys came back to tie the game at 2. by the 5th inning, we got the bases loaded and the current infield stinker, alexei ramirez, comes up to bat. since his batting avg was a measly 0.145, and he's been swinging at everything, its another quick out, right?


just like casey at bat (or those other baseball stories), lo and behold, the lowly alexei hits a grand slam that put the sox ahead 6-2. it was his 1st home run of the season, and his 5th career grand slam. my boys in black and white managed to get 4 more runs in before the game was over, a final score of 10-2 in favor of us.

now that the series is tied 1-1, its up to the newly-svelte, but outta control jose contreras to give us the win. if he fails again, ozzie and kenny should really seriously start making plans to send this albatross down to the minors. its either that or push into retirement cuz he's clearly lost his pitcher's touch. tomorrow's game wont be broadcast over wgn, but in a way, im dreading that game's outcome, given jose's very poor start and frightening record.


Friday, April 24, 2009

blowout, day 2

as of now, im hungry, outta money (i kid you not, my wallet is empty and my school card is down to its last dollars, but my money doesnt arrive till friday. looks like a week of soup for me), dirty, and sitting in the dark in front of my computer, having my corneas bored outta my eyes. my roommate's gone for the weekend, so ive got this dingy dormroom to myself for the weekend.

today, we suffered our second blowout. 14-0. that was the ass-raping score my white sox suffered at the hands of those damn canadians, the toronto blue jays. well, maybe i shouldnt curse canada cuz obama might chase me outta this country and up north to canada. anyway, that aside, alexei really needs to get his act together. not only is his batting average below 1 (or maybe right around 1, im too lazy to look it up), but he dropped like 5 balls today!! if thats not utterly pathetic, i dont know what is. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, ALEXEI?!!!! gavin floyd, the man with big hairy balls (at least thats the name that the guys at south side sox bestowed on him. note: ive never seen gavin's balls, nor do i ever want to. let me make that clear!!), lost his balls tonight-perhaps castration would be a better word to describe his performance. he couldnt get his slider down and his control was off. and to make things worse, our hitters couldnt hit!! we got into bases-loaded situations at least 2xs, and we couldnt score on either one. tomorrow's game is on wgn, so i'll get to watch it :). hopefully tomorrow wont be as pathetic as today's game.

but on the bright side, my boy carlos is back!! his hand is ok! since the man is a crystal chandelier (thats what we in chicago call injury-prone athletes), everytime he goes out on the field, doctors and the insurance company shit their pants over the amount of paperwork they'll have to fill out. we all know hospital visits aren't cheap. i hope his brand-new lovely wifey isnt worrying herself to ulcers over whether or not her glass hubby is gonna break apart as he's up at bat. to paraphrase a comment left on south side sox, when carlos isnt playing, he should be kept in bubblewrap and stored in one of the cell's many storage units to prevent injury. maybe the rival cubs could take a hint from carlos when it comes to dealing with that diva headcase milton bradley-specifically the bubblewrap and storage part. well, that duck over there, i didnt have a funny bubblewrap pic, but you get my point anyway. i hope...

thats all for tonite!!


the one and only, tamtam

Thursday, April 23, 2009

white house colon blow


sorry im so late in posting! on monday, the sox paid president obama a visit. normally, id be spilling my right-wing guts about how much i disagree with obama and his policies, but that subject's reserved for my other blog, the pen is mightier than the sword. anyway, by all accounts, the visit went well. kenny the gm presented the president with a customized 'obama' white sox jersey, and the "nervous and sweaty" octavius d'oh-tel (who else but octavio dotel, our pidegon-toed setup man who cant keep the ball in the park) asked the president for a hug, and got one. im not making this up. d'oh-tel asked for a hug. he said it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

looks like the visit to the white house put a jinx on the sox. they dropped their 1st game after contreras stank up the field like rotting fish. and speaking of contreras, i bet im not the only sox fan who's calling for kenny and ozzie to DO something about him!! contreras is 0-3 and has an ERA of at least 10.00. now, im not too good at math, but even a half-wit like myself knows that an ERA over 3 is cause for alarm. i say, throw him into the minors until he gets his act together.

yesterday's game was pretty good. we hit homeruns, RBIs, and tried to run the bases efficiantly. but today, it all came crashing down. aside from that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon losing his shit on the mound, my boys in black and white committed 1 error, got overpowered by the lowly adam eaton, and (rightfully) got creamed 10-7. when i looked at the standings, we're tied with the lowly royals for, get this, 2ND PLACE!! chain-smoking marlboro man jim leyland's tigers are in 1st.

but that wasnt the worst news. during today's game, my boy carlos got hit on the hand with a pitch. he was taken out early, and the diagnosis was apparantly a bruise. no x-rays were taken (so i read). get well soon baby! we dont need another repeat of the end of last season!

thats all for tonight. even though my computer clock says its 9:35 pm, i feel like im about to doze off. normally im up till the late hours of the night blogging or doing actual work, and it looks like my life of sleeplessness is catching up with me. that or sitting in the dark facing my computer screen is beginning to bore the corneas clean outta my eyes.

GO WHITE SOX!!! get well soon baby q <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy easter!

as an orthodox christian, today is my easter. and to top off this happy holiday, the white sox win their 1st series of the year against the rays by a blowout score of 12-2. the sox won today and my boy carlos took the lead in the AL homerun column with his 7th homerun of the year. my boy is on FIRE!!!!! also, aj had a good day after hitting his 1st homerun.

happy easter everyone!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

still kickin'


i've been a little busy for the past couple days. the tea party on wed was hot and crowded. you can read my account of it here.

though we've had some bumps along the way, the white sox are still alive and kicking!! my boys paulie, carlos, jd, and lilibridge (or as the guys at south side sox lovingly call him "lilly-bridge") have been hitting homers and getting the job done. though they lost the series in detroit, they've come out pretty strong against tampa. they took game 1 and won today, but that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon lost it for us on fri. and i thought he was on the rebound!!

now, on a totally non-white sox related matter, how bout them yankees? they SUCK!!! every team thats played them has been shelling them badly. hell, even little nicky swisher was brought in to pitch an inning cuz the bullpen got shelled-and nicky was the only pitcher who didnt give up a run. With regards to the latest blowout, i heard that the fans were chanting "WE WANT SWISHER!!" looks like nicky got it made out there in NY. too bad he wasnt this good during his time with us.

good night!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

rainout, ozzie spills his guts, and guess who's back!


today's game in detroit was rained out. that sucked cuz our miracle man was due to start. but tomorrow the newly-svelte jose contreras is due to take the mound. hope he has a better game tomorrow. this trip for us in detroit has been pretty good so far. paulie and jd went back-to-back for record-setting home runs, my boy q hit 2 home runs in the same game, and buerhle got his groove back.

so to fill out this rain-delay, i came across a funny Q&A segment featuring none other than ozzie guillen, our crazy manager.

in this Q&A, ozzie revealed that he would like to interview fidel castro, hugo chavez (who's regime he is currently displeased with), and barack obama. ozzie also is very superstitious: when the team is on a winning streak, he doesnt change his clothes (including underwear), and after a 10-gm winning streak, he claims "my locker doesnt smell too good". i gets thats a good way of picking who he wants to talk to in the media on a given day: interview ozzie by his locker and the ones left standing get to give the interview XD. other than being disgustingly dirty when the team is on a winning streak (i'll bet there are times his wife just wishes the team would lose so she can wash ozzie's clothes and send him off to bed/work smelling CLEAN!!), ozzie reveals that he dreams about shakira and considers sox fans the smarter chicago baseball fans ("sox fans actually care about baseball...cubs fans only go to get drunk."). the Q&A, conducted by es-pun's jim caple, can be viewed in its entirity here.

finally, a story which broke this morning, and has been thoroughly digested by people all over the sports blogosphere (well, specifically at south side sox). scott podsednik, known affectionately as 'podsie-pan' (see here for clarification-its old, but its perfect timing too!), went from being a speedy catalyst to being a putzy crunk, and bounced around the majors for a few years. since his fielding has declined considerably since his time with us, the sox signed podsie-pan to a minor league deal. i guess they'll bring him up when general soreness jerry owens, brought up when ba starts to suck, goes down with another sore groin. basically, podsie-pan is now the backup to the backup to the backup.

thats all for tonite!! im going to a tea party tomorrow here in tucson, so i may or may not be able to catch all of the sox game on wgn. but if i miss, the next televised game is on saturday. thank god for south side sox to break things down for me when i cant catch the games.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


after today's win, all i can say is that the white sox have resurrected their season. from looking like they were gonna end up at rock bottom to establishing a strong effort to get back on top

since today is easter (for my non-orthodox christian friends and readers-ours comes next week), i thought id put up my spin on our new team rebirth.

this is an orthodox christian icon that depicts jesus raising the dead. i thought it worked perfectly for our situation, so i spliced the saints heads in with the heads of jd, my boy carlos as jesus cuz he got the team going, bobby, jolly jim, ozzie, ba, d'oh-tel, jeff marquez (don't worry-he's in hell along with ozzie :)), paulie, aj, john danks the miracle man, and finally that fat tub-o-lard bartolo. i originally had that fat tub-o-lard bartolo up as jesus, but the more i thought about it, the more my boy carlos made sense as the resurrector. since i know the orthodox church is gonna go after me for this, let me just put my disclaimer up:


that said, i hope you all had a happy easter and GO WHITE SOX!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

sox win!

well, waddaya know? who would have guessed that my boy, the slumping carlos quentin would have started a resurrection of the chicago white sox? he hit his 2nd home run today! looks like i got gloomy too soon. and as for that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon, he had a great game-6 shutout innings. the bullpen also held up very well, with d'oh-tel (thats the southside sox nickname for octavio dotel-1 of our setup pitchers) holding steady for 2 innings, and matt thornton and his outta control arm (see here for clarification. its kinda old, but its still pretty funny. comic courtesy of carl skanberg) getting the save. after avenging yesterday's humiliating loss to the twins, im very happy to report that we won 8-0 and are telling the rest of the AL Central: WE'RE NOT DEAD YET!!!

you'll also notice some changes to my profile. im proud to say that since im getting a stronger foothold on blogger, i want to redo my blogger template and make it more appealing. however, its not gonna be anytime soon as i haven't got the slightest knowledge of HTML coding. can anyone recommend a free template software that just works for blogger? it can be anything-but it must be free and it must be easy to use cuz i havent the slightest idea how to read HTML or do any coding.

GO WHITE SOX!!! lets win this series!

Friday, April 10, 2009

another day, another game down the toilet

im sitting here, at my desk, in front of my computer, in my dingy dormroom at the unholy hour of 11:54 pm, surrounded by unwashed dishes, garbage, and empty cans of red bull, coffee cups, and cigarette butts (just kidding-i hate red bull and coffee, and i sure as hell dont smoke). what am i doing in this condition this late at night?

im thinking about my white sox. frankly, they're making me quite depressed.

i dont know what is wrong with them?! they cant hit, they cant pitch-the bullpen was a complete joke, giving up 7 runs in the 7th inning. the final score was an ass-raping 12-5 in favor of the twins. i'd hate to be a journalist interviewing ozzie right about now-every word that comes out of his mouth is liable to be a curse word, and i'll bet he's taken to going tasmanian devil on his office or in the locker room. i know its early, i know that april is usually a sleepy time for stats, but this is utterly pathetic!! i'd hate to think it, but by going svelte-i think contreras (our pitcher) has lost his control or velocity. he gave up a few runs over the course of his 5-innings pitched.

as for any highlights, looks like my boy carlos is getting back in the swing of things-no pun intended. he hit a solo HR in the bottom of the 7th. maybe his new wrist hasnt killed his power after all (or at least not a whole lot). paulie also hit a home run in the 3rd that gave the sox the lead (which they squandered).

thats the scoop from this end of the blogosphere. tomorrow the game is on fox. i might be able to catch the game, but if the game is as pathetic at today's, im turning it off. lets hope tomorrow's game is better than today's.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


ok, i know its early in the season but i, and alot of fellow sox fans are more than a little worried. we had a great opening day (jolly jim shelling that POS farnsworth was great!), but everything since then has gone downhill! for 1 thing, our pitchers have been good (yesterday was gold gavin and today was the miracle man john danks), but they've had absolutely NO RUN SUPPORT!!!! q cant hit (but he was hit by a pitch last night and almost charged the mound), dewayne wise can't hit-or leadoff for that matter either, alexei can't hit, paulie's power's gone down alot, and because of it we dropped the 2nd game of the series. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that unless the sox pick up the slack and start hitting, we'll wind up at the bottom of the AL central!! we have a chance tomorrow with the twins coming to town (and we get to see our old friend joe crede-who unfortunately jumped ship and signed with the twins during the offseason). my advice to ozzie and don cooper (he's the pitching coach): DONT FUCK THIS UP!!! its bad enough the sox dropped 2 games to the dogbreath royals, but to get womped by the rival twins is absolutely humiliating!

yesterday, i got to see my 1st televised sox game of the season. i got to hear hawk and stoney for the 1st time this season. for my non-chicago readers, last year and for many past years, hawk harrelson had been calling the sox games on tv along with his friend 'dj' darren jackson. i always liked the 2 of them-they sounded good together. perhaps its cuz stoney (that would be steve stone-an ex cub but called sox games on the radio for a long time) is new and i never heard him call a game till now, but as i was watching the game, i was thinking "wow, it's not the same without dj". when the long balls would fly, hawk and dj would both yell out "STEERECH!!" and if it cleared the wall, hawk would yell "you can put it on the board..." and both would yell at the same time "YES!". i really miss that (both hawk and dj, AND the HOME RUNS!!!). stoney's too quiet, or he's a bit of a smartass in a subtle way ("no runs dont mean a thing"). i'll only listen and put up with smartasses if they're angry and yelling (the prime examples are of talkshow hosts mark levin and michael savage).

lets hope tomorrow brings a more engaging baseball game. but dammit! its not televised >:[. i hate you *angry growling and smoke comes drifting up from my ears*.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sox win!


sox win!! i couldnt watch the game cuz it wasnt broadcast down here in the desert wasteland known as tucson, and i had class, but i did do periodical checks of the score. after being down 2-1 and according to the guys at south side sox, mark buerhle got into a jam that would have made you shit your pants and send hawk jumping out of the broadcast booth (hawk is our tv announcer). luckly for us, jolly jim thome hit a 3-run HR that put my boys up 4-2 in the 8th. that was big cuz it led us to victory. a good start to the season :).

now, if only carl skanburg would get back to drawing his famous 'palehose' cartoons. one commemorating the start to our season wouldn't be a bad idea :).



opening day is finally here!!!


after a dismal spring training and a freak snowstorm that cancelled opening day (this happens every year-the snowstorm, at least), the white sox season is finally underway :D!! the great mark buehrle gets the start and i expect him to do well today. as of now, its in the mid 40s and cloudy down at the cell.

good luck buerhle!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

carlos' mugshot

though it came up much later than i'd hoped, i FINALLY found my boy's photo day mugshot!!

also, on the topic of pix, i was randomly cruising the internet when i found a website with his wedding day photos. it really looked like a beautiful wedding. i hate to say it, but i wish i was there. both carlos and his lovely bride are rumored to be very nice people in real life and its no secret that i as a fan would love to meet my favorite baseball player :). the pix can be viewed here. arent they beautiful? they're clearly meant for each other :). may god bless them with a long happy and wonderful marriage.
enjoy! 2 days till opening day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the end of spring training

cactus league spring training finally winds down to a close. since i have nothing better to do, and im waiting for 'basic instinct' to load (this movie so far is really creepy, really gross, and i wouldnt recommend watching it with someone else in the room. im watching it on these chinese websites that take forever to load!), i figured id put my final thoughts into spring training.

recordwise, spring training was a mess. the white sox came out with a poor record, bartolo shows us that he still cant pitch, carlos either hasn't got used to his new wrist, or its obvious that the injury has killed his power (no home runs this spring training!), and kenny cut some surprising players (general soreness jerry owens comes to mind). that said, lets hope that this spring training has worked out the kinks for my boys in black and white.

FINALLY!!! let the REAL games begin! only 3 more days till opening day!

though this has nothing to do with the white sox, i cant get it out of my mind. id like to take this opportunity to express my screaming anger at jerry angelo, the chicago bears gm, for taking in jay cutler. cutler, who will now be referred to as 'diva jay', is exactly what his nickname implies-a diva who, like TO, is a proven champ but will cause nothing but trouble in the locker room and destroy the team's chemistry. although, the bears havent really got any team chemistry to call credible, but still. its fragile and having diva jay around won't exactly help our cause. the sports hernia, a blog i frequent and comment on alot, had 2 dedications to diva jay. 1 was 'the painful period', and the other is the 'i dont give a shit'. my favorite is 'the painful period' (photo shown above) cuz that will be the look on diva jay's face 4 plays into training camp >:]
GO WHITE SOX!!! world series here we come!!