Saturday, May 2, 2009

rain rain go away, part II

yes, even the most diligent of persons make mistakes from time to time ( and your mental signals know what im talking about!!).

turns out, i spoke too soon about the game being called over. the game resumed in the bottom of the 5th. in the 6th, jd got plunked on the arm and left the game. lilly-bridge took his place. the rangers loaded up the bases and my dad's twin aj pierzynski (i kid you not-a younger version of my dad would be almost identical to aj pierzynski) hits his 7th career grand slam.
sox 5, rangers 9. in the 6th we got another run in before another rain delay was called. this was a much shorter delay, but neither team scored anymore runs after the 7th.

final score-sox: 6, rangers: 9. not as bad but its still a loss. and as i bitched about earlier, ozzie and kenny should start filing the paperwork to send the newly-svelte jose contreras down to the minors.

all other info is the same.


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