Sunday, May 17, 2009

you make me sick!


sorry im late in posting, but it took me 2 days to move outta college, i was sick 1 day, and my mom and grandma have been dragging me everywhere with them, so the precious time i can spend in front of my computer is decidedly more rare. also, no further word on employment, so perhaps there is some hope of closely following the sox this summer. maybe i can get paid for doing this, only id have to find a sponsor...

oh boy, where to start. the sox are bad. REALLY bad!! jd got suspended for hitting the ref with his helmet (it wasnt on purpose!!), my boy is hurt with a sore heel and out for another few days, maybe a week (no surprise there, crystal chandelier), the fat tub-o-lard got pulled for a stomach ailment yesterday (here's a tip: STOP EATING!!! if you watch what you eat, you wont be sick), and we're on the verge of getting swept-in canada of all places. the bottom has just fallen out and there doesnt appear to be any end in sight. the last score i checked said that the sox were down by 2 in the top of the 5th.

this whole week has been stressful on my health. finals and waiting for the grades are 1 thing, moving out has been hard on me cuz of all the crap i had to pack up and whoever designed my building was a complete idiot cuz he didnt include an elevator-and wherever there's ladies, there should be an elevator cuz you cant always find a reliable strong guy to help carry heavy things for you, so i had to carry my shit down 3 flights of stairs to my uncle's truck. and to top things off, my boys in black-and-white have been driving me insane with their ineptitude and inability to score!!! YAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

but on a happy note, finals are over and i have the summer to detox and regain my health. also, BA is almost ready to play-he'll be back on tuesday. hope he plays well so after the game, he and my boy can go honey-hoppin' at the bars on rush street :D.

id like to sign off with an amusing tidbit by our rambunctious manager ozzie. a few days ago, i think it was friday, i came across an amusing quote by our crazy ozzie. i dont remember exactly how the quote went, but ozzie was saying that he'd switch the saturday lineup to include harold baines, joey cora, and any other coach he could find in place of the players "so that maybe now we can score some [bleeping] runs". now, most of the coaches, like harold, were playing before i was born, but harold doesnt look to be THAT old or outta baseball THAT long, so maybe he's still got some stuff left in the tank. of course ozzie was joking, but for a yung'un like me who until a few years ago didnt even know who harold baines was, it would have been a fascinating experiment.


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