Friday, May 22, 2009

roller coaster


WE WON OUR FIRST SERIES IN A LONG TIME!!! tuesday, mark buehrle got us our win, and wednesday, john danks the miracle man got us the second win. that game was a thriller. though we didnt wake up till the 4th, we piled on 7 runs, 4 of which came from a grand slam off the bat of jd. miracle man held up pretty strong till the 6th inning when he ran outta gas and the great octavius d'oh-tel came on to get the job done. after 2 more pitchers (scott linebrink and matt thornton), the great bobby jenks came on to get the save-and didnt throw at anybody, unfortunately. we won big, 7-4.

yesterday, that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon got the call. he performed...miserably. he gave up 1 earned run but was pulled out in the 2nd after getting shelled by the twins (i didnt watch the game cuz i was out all day). our lone run came in on an rbi double that brought in BA. the final was a miserable ass-raping 20-1 in favor of the twins. im thinking fatso should probably be restricted to bullpen duty cuz by all accounts, he made the royals kyle farnsworth look like an ace, and that guy has real issues between his ears (there was a popular joke about farnsy when he was with the cubs that he could throw 90 mph, but every time he wound up to throw, his brain would get scrambled from the heat of his throw-hence explaining why he sucked)! anyway, gavin floyd and his BHB are scheduled to pitch tonite against the pirates. since everyone knows the pirates suck, this should be a sweep.

burtie, gm-carson, i know you two blog about the pirates on 'we should be gms'-make sure you cover this series thorouoghly, and leave no blade of grass unturned (not exactly the word i was looking for, but it works).

no word yet on my boy carlos! hope his heel's feeling better.

btw, i should probably add my 2 cents about the whole peavy debaucle. by now, the entire sports blogosphere has digested that jake peavy said no to the white sox trade cuz he didnt wanna uproot his family. thats fine, i understand, but what has me raising my eyebrows about this trade was once peavy got here, would he be as good in chicago as he was in san diego? but i guess thats a risk you take with all trades. however, despite our bullpen troubles, i think it was best for everyone if peavy stayed where he was. the time to get him was in the offseason, but kenny wasnt quick enough.


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