Sunday, May 3, 2009

dink dunk donk danks

another day, another loss.

john danks the miracle man again didnt have his stuff. in the 1st inning, he gave up a solo-homerun to speedy ian kinsler. the bleeding didnt stop there. the miracle man pooped out 3 more runs over the course of 6 innings. d'oh-tel temporarily stemmed the bleeding, but dj carrasco-an otherwise effective setup man-shat out 1 more run.

the sox had plenty of opportunities to score. many times there were runners in scoring position, and at 1 pt in the 3rd, the sox had the bases loaded with my boy carlos up at bat. after a long at-bat, my boy...struck out. yeah... my boy wasnt too happy about that.

the sox did manage to get 1 run. it came on some base hits, one of which brought alexei home. sorry-the skeletons in the pic below are supposed to be dancing the can-can. 'dancing alexei' courtesy of southside sox.

there was a plethora of pain down in arlington. during my boy's at-bat, the 1st baseman went over the edge of the seats chasing down a foul ball and landed flat on his ass. but before that, in the 1st inning, josh fields got hit on the hand, and when the trainers took his glove off, the impact was swollen and ready to bruise. fields did play for the rest of the game, but he won't be playing tomorrow against KC (and on that note, jd won't be playing either). then, in either the 3rd or 4th inning, the TX pitcher threw a pitch that the batter fouled off, but it flew into the safety net behind home plate and scared the fan so much that he threw his popcorn box into the air, spilling the kernals all over the seat (and the announcer colloquially remarked that the pitcher "scared the hell outta him"). the final painful moment was in the 6th when the TX 1st baseman (yeah, him again) had to stretch to get the ball on a bounce. by stretch, i mean STEEERRRREEETTCHHH!!!! into a split. looks like somebody's gonna be a little sore tomorrow >:].

tomorrow my boys go up to KC to play the royals. the game won't be televised down here, but that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon is due to start. good luck fatso!


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