Tuesday, May 12, 2009

im back!

hi everyone! specifically to gm-carson and burton, my 2 associates at more hardball, since they're the only two people who actually bother to visit my blog regularly.

i just finished my finals and in the midst of packing up to leave this dingy dormroom for the summer, i thought id take a moment to post my regular rambling opinion-heavy analysis of the white sox.

i checked up on the score yesterday when gavin floyd and his BHB got to face carl "american idle" pavano. we got womped 9-4. as per custom, i was cruising the boards at south side sox for any notable analysis, and 1 user (i believe it was 'the cheat') colloquially referanced an older article about gavin floyd in which the writer, phil rogers of the chicago tribune's sports dept., wrote that gavin floyd had managed to go 12 games without "looking like a doody". fast forward to this year, and gavin floyd has managed to look like a doody in 5 of his last 7 starts.

today, clayton richard got the call to start. after enough pressure (though i wouldnt be surprised if a few threats probably worked their way in there amongst the angry emails and letters-NONE OF WHICH I SENT!!) ozzie and kenny finally demoted jose contreras. only instead of dumping him in the minors, the sox desginated him for bullpen duty. clayton richard is contreras' replacement. he had a good day, but in the 5th, he started to lose it, so dj "tabasco" carrasco-1 of our more effective setup men-came out and got the win for the sox. the great bobby jenks, who was fined a mind boggling $750 for throwing at ian kinsler's ass, came out to get the save (note to bobby-you might wanna shut up about throwing at batters. vito corleone put it best when he told sonny "never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking").

as for any other notable highlights, jim thome hit 2 2-run home runs, and our offense finally woke up with corky miller (or "q!orky" as the SSS'ers refer to him-q! was derived from none other than my boy carlos) hitting some singles. gaahhh, i hope 'corky' isnt corky's real name. i mean, of all the names to name your kid, why that. anyway, back to the subject at hand-must remember to write coherantly!-im almost afraid to wish that this win's momentum should carry us to victory tomorrow cuz whenever i say that, we get blown out badly. so, i'll say instead "good luck boys!!"

in other news, perhaps the biggest crush is that my boy is out with a sore heel. he won't be back till friday. one of the commenters on southside sox remarked that he saw my boy with a half-smile on his face and assumed that he was on some heavy-duty painkillers. to that, another poster replied that he'd been laid. DAMMIT! shouldn'ta wrote that! bad images forming in my head. YAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

thats all for tonite folks!!



  1. Will you be back in Windy Chi for the summer, or do you reside in Arizona as well?
    Ah the dusky dormroom long ago.

    Hopefully the Sox's pitching rotation will strengthen a bit more now as the season progresses. It is still early after all.

  2. thats true, hopefully clayton richard will be the spark that starts an actual WINNING streak!!

    yeah, i'll be goin back to the people's republic of IL for the summer. but i may wind up coming back down here to AZ WAAAYYY before school starts. my whole purpose this summer is to look for a job. this means i may not get to watch as many sox games as id like. especially if i find a job down here in AZ (phoenix-area).

  3. Very cool. Good luck with that!