Friday, May 8, 2009


that sad number you see in the title is now officially jose contreras' record. he may as well have played his last start in the majors. if he's not demoted within the next week, kenny williams should expect to be swamped with angry emails and letters from fans who want contreras' sorry ass outta the bullpen. its time for this man to go.

ibis guillen can do a fresh load of laundry for ozzie tonight. the momentum from our big win last night had completely turned around. last night, we were doin the kicking. tonight, we were on the recieving end of the abuse.

tomorrow, game 3 will be broadcast on WGN at 5 my time. the miracle man john danks gets the call to start.

in other news, i had my economics final today. i think it went well. my next finals are thankfully my last ones, and they're on tuesday.

OH!! i almost forgot!! here's a correction from yesterday's post! yesterday, when diva manny got busted for hcg, i made a mistake in describing the drug's function. as im sure you all have heard by now, its a female fertility hormone, not a testosterone enhancer like i'd said previously. well, i guess it could be classified as a testosterone enhancer cuz its typically given to men to restore their natural testosterone production after they're done taking steroids. but in this light, for the sake of decency, i'll hold off on the cheesy jokes that manny will start growing boobs and get a period within the next month or so (although i wont be surprised if he has developed either up to this point-he certainly acts hormonal!!!), or the snide jokes about manny not being able to get it up in the sack. being the honest blogger-journalist that i am, if i make a mistake, i'll actually take the steps to correct it.



  1. I think Manny would look nice with a pair of lovely boobs.

  2. he's fat, he already looks like a woman with those disgusting dreadlocks, and he acts hormonal, so manny the woman would be a nice fit

  3. im surprised you didnt comment about manny's apparent boner issues (perhaps from the steroid use?!). given more hardball's mission of nut-busting sports, i thought for sure you'd pick up on that!