Thursday, May 7, 2009


hey hey!

last night's game was rained out. no surprise there-the sox are a magnet for rain delays and games getting called cuz of bad weather (i think we lead MLB in the number of games called due to bad weather).

but today, it appears that an extra day was all we needed to retool and get back in the swing of things. mark buehrle got the call to start tonight, and as im seeing on, its in the 9th and the sox are ahead 6-0. mark buehrle is set to pitch his 1st complete game of the season :).

actually, scratch that last line. this just cleared the wireless and that the great bobby jenks has come on the get the save.

steve rosenbloom, a chicago sports writer who writes satirical columns about chicago sports, wrote that since ozzie guillen came to chicago, when the team is in a slump (especially early in the season), we have become accustomed to raging expletive-filled tirades directed at players, coaches, the media, whatever unfortunate soul happens to get caught in ozzie's way. but this year, rosenbloom wrote that ozzie lobbed a verbal handgrenade into the locker room-the stage has been set, but the pin and handle havent been pulled off yet and thus no explosion. the guys at south side sox have been speculating that ozzie has gone soft-looks like mariotti finally had a muzzle put on our crazy manager (a chicago sportswriter who was infamously called a "fag" in a tirade by ozzie).

breaking news! sox win 6-0!! THE LOSING STREAK IS OVER!!!! let the winning streak begin :).

now for something not-white sox related. its been spread and digested allover the news and blogosphere that manny ramirez, LA's diva has been suspended for 50 games for popping positive on a drug test. the substance: hcg, a testosterone enhancer. of course, i wasnt surprised cuz im a natural cynic and figured manny was secretly juicing but found a way to beat the test. looking back on it, it could be a factor in explaining why the dodgers didnt sign manny to a long-term deal. manny claims that he got the stuff from a doctor for a "personal health issue", but as rythm on south side sox humorously commented:

I have a few guesses as to this "personal health issue"
1) he was prescribed medical marajuana
2) he was having problems in the sack, and the boner pills tested positive for something

given that hcg is a testosterone enhancer, the latter doesnt sound all that far off.

sox win, gotta get back to studying. economics final tomorrow, and my calc/bio final on tuesday. wish me luck!!


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