Thursday, April 9, 2009


ok, i know its early in the season but i, and alot of fellow sox fans are more than a little worried. we had a great opening day (jolly jim shelling that POS farnsworth was great!), but everything since then has gone downhill! for 1 thing, our pitchers have been good (yesterday was gold gavin and today was the miracle man john danks), but they've had absolutely NO RUN SUPPORT!!!! q cant hit (but he was hit by a pitch last night and almost charged the mound), dewayne wise can't hit-or leadoff for that matter either, alexei can't hit, paulie's power's gone down alot, and because of it we dropped the 2nd game of the series. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that unless the sox pick up the slack and start hitting, we'll wind up at the bottom of the AL central!! we have a chance tomorrow with the twins coming to town (and we get to see our old friend joe crede-who unfortunately jumped ship and signed with the twins during the offseason). my advice to ozzie and don cooper (he's the pitching coach): DONT FUCK THIS UP!!! its bad enough the sox dropped 2 games to the dogbreath royals, but to get womped by the rival twins is absolutely humiliating!

yesterday, i got to see my 1st televised sox game of the season. i got to hear hawk and stoney for the 1st time this season. for my non-chicago readers, last year and for many past years, hawk harrelson had been calling the sox games on tv along with his friend 'dj' darren jackson. i always liked the 2 of them-they sounded good together. perhaps its cuz stoney (that would be steve stone-an ex cub but called sox games on the radio for a long time) is new and i never heard him call a game till now, but as i was watching the game, i was thinking "wow, it's not the same without dj". when the long balls would fly, hawk and dj would both yell out "STEERECH!!" and if it cleared the wall, hawk would yell "you can put it on the board..." and both would yell at the same time "YES!". i really miss that (both hawk and dj, AND the HOME RUNS!!!). stoney's too quiet, or he's a bit of a smartass in a subtle way ("no runs dont mean a thing"). i'll only listen and put up with smartasses if they're angry and yelling (the prime examples are of talkshow hosts mark levin and michael savage).

lets hope tomorrow brings a more engaging baseball game. but dammit! its not televised >:[. i hate you *angry growling and smoke comes drifting up from my ears*.


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