Friday, April 10, 2009

another day, another game down the toilet

im sitting here, at my desk, in front of my computer, in my dingy dormroom at the unholy hour of 11:54 pm, surrounded by unwashed dishes, garbage, and empty cans of red bull, coffee cups, and cigarette butts (just kidding-i hate red bull and coffee, and i sure as hell dont smoke). what am i doing in this condition this late at night?

im thinking about my white sox. frankly, they're making me quite depressed.

i dont know what is wrong with them?! they cant hit, they cant pitch-the bullpen was a complete joke, giving up 7 runs in the 7th inning. the final score was an ass-raping 12-5 in favor of the twins. i'd hate to be a journalist interviewing ozzie right about now-every word that comes out of his mouth is liable to be a curse word, and i'll bet he's taken to going tasmanian devil on his office or in the locker room. i know its early, i know that april is usually a sleepy time for stats, but this is utterly pathetic!! i'd hate to think it, but by going svelte-i think contreras (our pitcher) has lost his control or velocity. he gave up a few runs over the course of his 5-innings pitched.

as for any highlights, looks like my boy carlos is getting back in the swing of things-no pun intended. he hit a solo HR in the bottom of the 7th. maybe his new wrist hasnt killed his power after all (or at least not a whole lot). paulie also hit a home run in the 3rd that gave the sox the lead (which they squandered).

thats the scoop from this end of the blogosphere. tomorrow the game is on fox. i might be able to catch the game, but if the game is as pathetic at today's, im turning it off. lets hope tomorrow's game is better than today's.


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