Saturday, April 18, 2009

still kickin'


i've been a little busy for the past couple days. the tea party on wed was hot and crowded. you can read my account of it here.

though we've had some bumps along the way, the white sox are still alive and kicking!! my boys paulie, carlos, jd, and lilibridge (or as the guys at south side sox lovingly call him "lilly-bridge") have been hitting homers and getting the job done. though they lost the series in detroit, they've come out pretty strong against tampa. they took game 1 and won today, but that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon lost it for us on fri. and i thought he was on the rebound!!

now, on a totally non-white sox related matter, how bout them yankees? they SUCK!!! every team thats played them has been shelling them badly. hell, even little nicky swisher was brought in to pitch an inning cuz the bullpen got shelled-and nicky was the only pitcher who didnt give up a run. With regards to the latest blowout, i heard that the fans were chanting "WE WANT SWISHER!!" looks like nicky got it made out there in NY. too bad he wasnt this good during his time with us.

good night!


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