Tuesday, April 28, 2009


as i grimly predicted in my earlier post, the sox lost in game 2 by a final score 9-1. john danks the miracle man was outta juice, and the offense was nonexistant.

tomorrow's game is on WGN (at least thats what it says on the televised game printout that i have pinned on the bulletin board on my desk. i've highlighted all the days that WGN or ESPN carry a game). it'll be at 11:00 am my time, so i'll have to get up bright and early for this (actually, since its a weekday, i dont wake up later than 9:30. i may be a lazy bum, but i save my sleep-all-morning routine for the weekends). gavin floyd and his big hairy balls (or BHB) gets the start tomorrow. maybe we can win this series, since its obvious that we cant sweep!

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