Thursday, April 2, 2009

the end of spring training

cactus league spring training finally winds down to a close. since i have nothing better to do, and im waiting for 'basic instinct' to load (this movie so far is really creepy, really gross, and i wouldnt recommend watching it with someone else in the room. im watching it on these chinese websites that take forever to load!), i figured id put my final thoughts into spring training.

recordwise, spring training was a mess. the white sox came out with a poor record, bartolo shows us that he still cant pitch, carlos either hasn't got used to his new wrist, or its obvious that the injury has killed his power (no home runs this spring training!), and kenny cut some surprising players (general soreness jerry owens comes to mind). that said, lets hope that this spring training has worked out the kinks for my boys in black and white.

FINALLY!!! let the REAL games begin! only 3 more days till opening day!

though this has nothing to do with the white sox, i cant get it out of my mind. id like to take this opportunity to express my screaming anger at jerry angelo, the chicago bears gm, for taking in jay cutler. cutler, who will now be referred to as 'diva jay', is exactly what his nickname implies-a diva who, like TO, is a proven champ but will cause nothing but trouble in the locker room and destroy the team's chemistry. although, the bears havent really got any team chemistry to call credible, but still. its fragile and having diva jay around won't exactly help our cause. the sports hernia, a blog i frequent and comment on alot, had 2 dedications to diva jay. 1 was 'the painful period', and the other is the 'i dont give a shit'. my favorite is 'the painful period' (photo shown above) cuz that will be the look on diva jay's face 4 plays into training camp >:]
GO WHITE SOX!!! world series here we come!!

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