Monday, April 27, 2009

wild wild west

as usual, jose contreras did not get his win. HOWEVER, kenny and ozzie may want to hold off on demoting him for now. by all accounts, contreras pitched a good game, but scott linebrink, another no-name pitcher on our staff, lost it and made contreras' outing a no-decision.

tonite, the mariners pay a visit to the cell. this means that our old friend griffey is back in town!! i remember seeing griffey play last year. he wasnt bad, but he's clearly getting old. i guess returning to your old team is a nice way to end your career. the sports hernia had a really funny post about griffey's famous backwards hat. you can read it here. the mariners are in 1st place with a 12-7 record, and our miracle man john danks is set to take on their pitcher, chris jakubauskas (sp? thats a heluva name). expect a good game.

unfortunately, the game is broadcast on a local chicago tv station tonight, so i cant watch the game. however, wednesday's game is on WGN, so i can catch at least 1 game. im at the mercy of the cable company. if you're wondering why i dont get, its because its too expensive, and if the guys at south side sox are right, theres alotta kinks that still need to be worked out.

thats all for today!

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