Friday, April 24, 2009

blowout, day 2

as of now, im hungry, outta money (i kid you not, my wallet is empty and my school card is down to its last dollars, but my money doesnt arrive till friday. looks like a week of soup for me), dirty, and sitting in the dark in front of my computer, having my corneas bored outta my eyes. my roommate's gone for the weekend, so ive got this dingy dormroom to myself for the weekend.

today, we suffered our second blowout. 14-0. that was the ass-raping score my white sox suffered at the hands of those damn canadians, the toronto blue jays. well, maybe i shouldnt curse canada cuz obama might chase me outta this country and up north to canada. anyway, that aside, alexei really needs to get his act together. not only is his batting average below 1 (or maybe right around 1, im too lazy to look it up), but he dropped like 5 balls today!! if thats not utterly pathetic, i dont know what is. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, ALEXEI?!!!! gavin floyd, the man with big hairy balls (at least thats the name that the guys at south side sox bestowed on him. note: ive never seen gavin's balls, nor do i ever want to. let me make that clear!!), lost his balls tonight-perhaps castration would be a better word to describe his performance. he couldnt get his slider down and his control was off. and to make things worse, our hitters couldnt hit!! we got into bases-loaded situations at least 2xs, and we couldnt score on either one. tomorrow's game is on wgn, so i'll get to watch it :). hopefully tomorrow wont be as pathetic as today's game.

but on the bright side, my boy carlos is back!! his hand is ok! since the man is a crystal chandelier (thats what we in chicago call injury-prone athletes), everytime he goes out on the field, doctors and the insurance company shit their pants over the amount of paperwork they'll have to fill out. we all know hospital visits aren't cheap. i hope his brand-new lovely wifey isnt worrying herself to ulcers over whether or not her glass hubby is gonna break apart as he's up at bat. to paraphrase a comment left on south side sox, when carlos isnt playing, he should be kept in bubblewrap and stored in one of the cell's many storage units to prevent injury. maybe the rival cubs could take a hint from carlos when it comes to dealing with that diva headcase milton bradley-specifically the bubblewrap and storage part. well, that duck over there, i didnt have a funny bubblewrap pic, but you get my point anyway. i hope...

thats all for tonite!!


the one and only, tamtam


  1. You gotta love Ramen Noodles...A cheap meal, and enough sodium to give an army a heart attack. I only get paid once a month, and it is a pittance. I feel your pain. My father invented peanut butter soup, it is peanut butter and warm water. At least you're not at that point yet ;)

  2. thats true. but frugality is never a bad thing :). my family's sorta poor too, so im already accustomed to the tight-budget lifestyle.

  3. Ah yes, me too. I know the poverty diet well.

  4. hehe :). theres also sams club, walmart, and bargain bins that sell good stuff for reasonable prices-SUCK THAT MICHIGAN AVE!!

  5. You want high class? Beanie Weenies, baby! How about Vienna Sausages, and tuna? You'reright, Michigan Avenue's got nothing on you!

  6. well, with the swine flu going around, id stay away from pork products for a little while longer

  7. I guess I need to stop pig tipping at night now.