Saturday, April 11, 2009

sox win!

well, waddaya know? who would have guessed that my boy, the slumping carlos quentin would have started a resurrection of the chicago white sox? he hit his 2nd home run today! looks like i got gloomy too soon. and as for that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon, he had a great game-6 shutout innings. the bullpen also held up very well, with d'oh-tel (thats the southside sox nickname for octavio dotel-1 of our setup pitchers) holding steady for 2 innings, and matt thornton and his outta control arm (see here for clarification. its kinda old, but its still pretty funny. comic courtesy of carl skanberg) getting the save. after avenging yesterday's humiliating loss to the twins, im very happy to report that we won 8-0 and are telling the rest of the AL Central: WE'RE NOT DEAD YET!!!

you'll also notice some changes to my profile. im proud to say that since im getting a stronger foothold on blogger, i want to redo my blogger template and make it more appealing. however, its not gonna be anytime soon as i haven't got the slightest knowledge of HTML coding. can anyone recommend a free template software that just works for blogger? it can be anything-but it must be free and it must be easy to use cuz i havent the slightest idea how to read HTML or do any coding.

GO WHITE SOX!!! lets win this series!

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