Thursday, April 23, 2009

white house colon blow


sorry im so late in posting! on monday, the sox paid president obama a visit. normally, id be spilling my right-wing guts about how much i disagree with obama and his policies, but that subject's reserved for my other blog, the pen is mightier than the sword. anyway, by all accounts, the visit went well. kenny the gm presented the president with a customized 'obama' white sox jersey, and the "nervous and sweaty" octavius d'oh-tel (who else but octavio dotel, our pidegon-toed setup man who cant keep the ball in the park) asked the president for a hug, and got one. im not making this up. d'oh-tel asked for a hug. he said it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

looks like the visit to the white house put a jinx on the sox. they dropped their 1st game after contreras stank up the field like rotting fish. and speaking of contreras, i bet im not the only sox fan who's calling for kenny and ozzie to DO something about him!! contreras is 0-3 and has an ERA of at least 10.00. now, im not too good at math, but even a half-wit like myself knows that an ERA over 3 is cause for alarm. i say, throw him into the minors until he gets his act together.

yesterday's game was pretty good. we hit homeruns, RBIs, and tried to run the bases efficiantly. but today, it all came crashing down. aside from that fat tub-o-lard bartolo colon losing his shit on the mound, my boys in black and white committed 1 error, got overpowered by the lowly adam eaton, and (rightfully) got creamed 10-7. when i looked at the standings, we're tied with the lowly royals for, get this, 2ND PLACE!! chain-smoking marlboro man jim leyland's tigers are in 1st.

but that wasnt the worst news. during today's game, my boy carlos got hit on the hand with a pitch. he was taken out early, and the diagnosis was apparantly a bruise. no x-rays were taken (so i read). get well soon baby! we dont need another repeat of the end of last season!

thats all for tonight. even though my computer clock says its 9:35 pm, i feel like im about to doze off. normally im up till the late hours of the night blogging or doing actual work, and it looks like my life of sleeplessness is catching up with me. that or sitting in the dark facing my computer screen is beginning to bore the corneas clean outta my eyes.

GO WHITE SOX!!! get well soon baby q <3


  1. Do you think the Sox would do any better if Obama pitched? Great post!

  2. sorry to turn down the kool-aid, but no. however, throwing contreras down to the minors and bringing up jeff marquez (or any other pitcher for that matter) WOULD be a good start. you and gm carson should comment more often on my blog. it gets a little lonely out here in the desert...

  3. Yup, we've been there too. GM_Carson brought me onto his sight in January to help fix that. And eventually, it turned around. The best thing to do would be to email stories to other blogs, and see if you can get them linked, and that you'll return the favor. It takes a while, but if you keep writing good stories (like you do) and you'll get the readers. We appreciate your comments, we like having you around :)