Friday, February 27, 2009

odd pictures in baseball, round 1

much like many of my contemporary (and rival) sports bloggers, i figured i'd get some funny looking pictures from around the league and make smartass comments about them. thats the bell and round 1 is underway!

i'll start with john danks of my white sox. aside from carlos quentin and alexei ramirez, danks was our miracle man. he pitched in the 1 game tiebreaker against the twins which won us our AL central title. however, if your pitching arm is fused to your back, it gives a whole new meaning to the term 'miracle man'.

the next target of my sharp-witted keyboard is placido polanco of the detroit tigers. its well known that placido has an abnormally large head. in fact, carl skanberg put it nicely when in his famous 'palehose' comic strips, the main character, don guillote, said in referance to polanco's head 'nothing this big and freaky can remain harmless forever!' the original comic can be viewed here. in the meantime, there's polanco and his freaky large head, looking more and more like jason statham.

my mom always used to complain about how boring baseball was. aside from the length of the games, the redundancy of a pitch and then a subsequent swing by the batter was just too boring in her opinion. obviously i didnt agree with her. if i did, i wouldnt be obsessively following the white sox like i do. in the mean time, this photo was taken at the cubs-rangers game in surprise. i guess my mom isnt the only one bored by baseball.
in that same stadium, the stands were crowded full of fans.
the cubs lost their appeal a long time ago. i guess all those chokes had something to do with it. CUBS SUCK!!!
up next to the chopping block is the florida marlins. this peep-hole-snooping-style shot all but speaks for itself. i can just imagine the conversation between these 4 players (hanley ramirez-2, anibal sanchez-19 (guy with the arm on the back of eulogio de la cruz,-45), and renyel pinto-37). pinto: "he's going past 2nd base! hanley, move your head!"
hanley: "naah. the view is good just here"
sanchez: "hey eulogio, care to ride the pine?" [puts arm on de la cruz's shoulder]**
**thanks to the sports hernia for help with this one!

finally, the end! my final target of the night is none other than don zimmer. up until recently, i thought this guy was dead (no, really! i did!). he was said to have been a great ballplayer, but the only thing i remember zimmer for is getting flung down like a sack of rocks during that 1 fight with pedro martinez back in 2003, when old man zimmer worked for the yankees. here he is, back from the dead, none other than don zimmer, toasting in the warm florida sun and looking for his missing dentures.
*picks teeth* "ouch!! crap, thats right! i havent got any teeth! dammit! where did i put my teeth again?"