Wednesday, February 25, 2009

updates, part 2

1:45-top of 3rd. scott shields pitching for angels. thome is up to bat. strikes out. jd up next, 0-for-1. pops into shallow right. alexei ramirez up next. 2-for-2 at this at-bat. lines out to 3rd.

1:50-bottom of 3rd. new pitcher for sox-the pidgeon toed octavius comes up. terry evans up for the angels. KO. brad koon up next, hit by pitch. niley (i think) stacia is up-koon steals 2nd. pops fair in front of q and koon scores. 2-1 white sox. abreu is next, walks. kendry morales comes up to bat, but abreu caught on fielders choice. 2 outs with runners on the corners. napoli gets a double to left-center, angels score 2 more runs. 3-2 angels. brandon wood up to bat. pops out to jerry owens all the way out at the warning track

2:04-KO on ben brussard. arodondo pitching for angels. josh fields bunts and it rolls foul. top of 4th. 1-1 count on fields. lineout to third. 2 outs. chris getz steps up to the plate. KO on check swing. angels being very efficiant today

2:10-shawn rodriguez thrown out by getz. matt thorton and his out of control arm are pitching. bottom of 4th. kerry evans at bat, base hit to centerfield. brad koon is back. still hanging in, fouling off pitches. chopped to shortstop, fielders choice.

2:19-rich thompson pitching for angels. top of 5th. jerry owens leading off. 3-1 count on owens. 3-2 count on owens. groundout. aj number 2 hitter. fly ball to center, popout for aj. quentin up 3rd. 0-for-2. flies out to center. 1-2-3 inning.

2:25-randy williams lhp, tyler flowers c, 3b javier castillo; changes for bottom of 5th. hinely stacia up 1st. doubles to left over castillo's head. chris pettite for angels. bouncer to pitcher, and rundown btwn 2nd and 3rd for stacia. 1 out. kendry morales batting next. hops out to castillo, pettite held up. hank conger bats in place of mike napoli. KO. 0 runs, 1 hit, no errors.

2:34-thome up to bat, pops out to pettite in center. thome 0-3. jd is next. angels have freddy sandoval at 3rd, luis figueroa is at ss, terry romels at 2b; changes. jd 0-2 right now. lines out to the pitcher. alexei swings at 1st pitch, strike. pops out to left field. yet another 1-2-3 inning, sox bats have quieted down alot

2:39-figueroa up to bat for the angels, ehren wassermann up to pitch for the sox. figueroa lines to left for a base hit. sandoval up next. stolen base for figueroa and throwing error on flowers. KO sandoval. no balls and 2 strikes on johnson. KO. kerry evans next. figueroa at 3rd. scores after wassermann's wild pitch. KO next batter. end of the 6th inning. angels up 4-2.

2:52-start of 7th. fransisco rodriguez (NOT k-rod!!) to take the mound for the angels. error on 2b brown for brussard. next batter, javier castillo. popout to 2nd. next batter, hicks, gets a double on a long shot to center. runners at 2nd and 3rd. fly ball to center, sac fly from owens. broussard scores, 4-3 angels. flowers up to bat, KO looking. time for the 7th inning stretch.

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