Thursday, February 26, 2009

game 2

sox win!!

unfortunately, the game was neither broadcast over the sox website, nor televised. but from what accounts i've been able to gather, the sox had a good game. gavy pitched well, our bats were productive, and the baserunning was on cue. since the game was here in tucson, i would have very much liked to go, as hi-corbett field is w/in walking distance of my school (its a long walk, but its do-able). unfortunately, thursday is my busiest day. i had classes all day today.

here's a funny quote by our ever-outrageous smartass manager, ozzie. courtesy of southsidesox

"I hope I die on the field. I hope when I walk to change the pitcher, I drop dead and that's it. I know my family would be so happy that it happened on the field. They wouldn't feel bad because that's what I've always wanted to do. You die on the field — good luck, get him out of here, next man."
as someone on sss posted: 'ozzie discussing his death: not a good sign when your manager is suicidal after the first game of the season'. (sorry everythings so crowded-having some formatting problems here)
but thats our ozzie. the bold, outrageous, smartass, occasionally annoying, yet oddly lovable ozzie guillen :)

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