Saturday, February 28, 2009

sox vs cubs, the spring training edition, round 1

today, the chicago white sox were ass-raped 13-0 by the rival chicago cubs. adam russel got lit up in the 8th for 6 earned runs and marquez, the starter, wasnt so good either.

and to top that all off, our ever-outrageous smartass manager ozzie guillen picks a war of words with ted lilly-the cubs pitcher. check out this quote (courtesy of the chicago sun times joe cowley)

MESA, Ariz. - Ozzie Guillen doesn't need a talk with Ted Lilly. As a matter of fact, the White Sox manager wasn't looking for an apology, a chat or even an acknowledging glance from the Cubs' left-handed pitcher.

But a "little thank you'' on Saturday morning, that would have been nice."He should say at least a little, 'Thank you Ozzie,' '' Guillen said, when asked about Lilly's Friday "Sure, I wouldn't mind [seeing Ozzie]'' comments to reporters.

When asked why a thank you, it was classic Guillen."Because of what I was doing when guys were making $60,000 and $70,000 a year and now they're making $10 million,'' Guillen said. "Back when meal money was [bleepin] $10 a day and now it's $80.''

ozzie, ozzie, ozzie. you never fail to catch america's attention with your brashness. you're crazy, but you get the job done, no matter who you piss off (mariotti-beware!).

maybe tomorrow will bring better fortune (and a win!!)



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  2. Great blog, and lol @ ass raped (it's wrong I laughed at that, but oh well). I can't imagine trying to follow the Sox from that far away, but keep up the good blog. GO SOX!