Wednesday, February 25, 2009

final thoughts on todays game

todays game was probably the most pathetic opening game i've ever heard.

ok, yeah, today was the opener so its still kinda early to rip on the sox, but my god! getting whuped 12-3 by any team is an embarrassment!! we had the lead going into the 3rd, then octavius blew it. shame on you, octavius!! guess we weren't ready after all.

aside from our pitchers not being able to pitch (we gave up 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th alone!!), our hitters couldnt hit!! q went 0-3, jd went 0-3, and our backups weren't any better. flowers made some serious throwing errors. i guess those pecota projections that had us finishing 3rd or last or whatever, i guess they were on the right track. we looked horrible.

but there's always tomorrow. tomorrow we play the rockies, down here in tucson, i believe. i would really love to go to the game, but thursday is my busiest day. i'll listen to what i can of the game if its available.


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