Tuesday, March 3, 2009


sorry i havent written in a few days. i've been kinda busy with school and shit like that >:[.

the sox are on a split-squad game today. 1/2 the team is in vegas, the other 1/2 is in phoenix. most of the regular starters are in vegas (jd, aj, paulie, etc), while jim thome, q, and most of the bench guys are in phoenix. i dont think buerhle is with the team today. he left sunday's game early to be with his wife who's about to have their 2nd baby.

octavius-whatever you do, DONT FUCK THINGS UP!!! even in split-squad spring training, you're still giving the fans a heart attack whenever you go up to the mound. ive come to wonder...who makes you retreat to your happy place faster, dotel or the cubs' fukudome? oh, who am i kidding. fuck the cubs, at least our guys can HIT!!!

q got his 1st hit of spring training on sunday, which was the opening day of camelback ranch. it was a double. its a good start, but when will he start hitting home runs?! i miss q's home runs, as well as that wimpy cross he used to make as he crossed home plate.

but to be honest, it totally blows following the white sox from out here in AZ. not only do i not have comcast cable (dorm doesnt provide it), but the score won't broadcast the games over the internet! some shit about 'copyright infringment from MLB' >:[. i do get wgn though, so i am careful to watch the broadcast schedule for airing games (its mostly cubs that are on, but i think a sox game is coming up soon!)

if i find the results of the game, i'll post them here.


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