Thursday, March 5, 2009

sweep in vegas!


this just in, the sox swept the cubs in vegas!! i saw a bit of today's game. it was ok, but then i had to run off to class, so i didnt get to see the rest of the game. but our guys won, so it doesnt matter.

the other half of the sox was broadcast over mlbtv. i caught a bit of the free broadcast but i had to run, so i only saw a bit. our boys lost that game 4-5 to the dodgers and manny the diva.

in the meantime, i did see the game last night. i would have blogged throughout the game, but i also had to finish my calculus homework >:[, so homework came 1st. it was my 1st baseball game on tv in a long time, and i was very happy to see it. unfortunately, it was bob brenly and len kasper, the cubs guys, telling the game. i was hoping it'd be hawk and stoney (that would be steve stone), as i have yet to hear those 2 (im so used to 'dj' darren jackson and hawk calling the sox games).

i was impressed by the sox last night, aside from winning in a bottom-9th tiebreaker thriller. aj caught a good game, and tdogg (my new nickname for tyler flowers) looked ok in the 1st game ive seen him in. miracle man john danks pitched well, giving up only 3 hits in 3 innings. paulie, wilson betemit, and michael restovich all hit homeruns, and the sox won 7-6.

to sign off this post, i'll conclude with a colorful quote by ozzie upon returning to vegas

"I just told my wife I never thought I would come back to Las Vegas in my life and be the manager of a ballclub. That's a lot of years ago," said Guillen with a laugh. "I've been pushing for this game for a little while."

we love you ozzie!!


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