Tuesday, March 10, 2009

day off

the sox had the day off today, but camelback ranch was buzzing with excitement! for one, dayan viciendo turned the big 2-0 today (*sighs* he grew up so fast during his time with us!), and jose contraras flew over to miami to be sworn in as a us citizen. congrats to both men.

in other happy news, mark buerhle returned to camelback ranch. he'd been in MO cuz his wife had a baby girl, and he wanted to be there for the birth. good to have him back.

i've been thinking about the free webcasts the sox have linked on their website (which i catch whenever i can. i usually find the link to the free webcast on southside sox). there's this 1 announcer, i think its bill melton-but if not its the announcer with a real heavy chicago accent, who has alot of fun with alexei ramirez. the guys at south side sox pointed this out initially, and at the next game i watched i listened for this, but this announcer cannot pronounce alexei's name!! rather than 'ah-leks-ee', this announcer pronounces alexei's name is 'a-less-aye'. me, im speechless. the guys at south side sox were poking fun of the announcer for whenever alexei would come up to bat, they would say 'alice is up to bat' cuz those guys commented during the game. it is amusing, but really, alexei is not a difficult name to pronounce. MY REAL NAME is a heluva lot harder to pronounce then alexei's, so there is no excuse for messing that up.
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before i sign off, i'll put in a final quote from rosenblog, written by steve rosenbloom of the chicago tribune.
Lemme get this straight: Cubs manager Lou Piniella said early in spring training that he wanted his players to “tone it down’’ in terms of intensity in spring training and then gets mad over losses in games that don’t mean anything? And people think Ozzie Guillen is psycho?
i know, its about the cubs (rosey is a big cubs fan, but he'll bash them when they do bad). but still, i thought i would put this in, just cuz i found it funny.

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